While humans live in many nations and kingdoms, their people move around quite a lot meaning that many of their cities are melting pots of culture. They are much more fluid demographically than, say, Elves.


Lazá is a small territory on the western edge of the Xanzilisa where the Lazara live. They are viewed from the outside as brutish and squalid, but exhibit extreme cleverness in their ability to survive in the harsh desert. They are often hired as sherpas or guides through the Great Desert. They have a rich culture based on tribal familial units and value material wealth above all else.


The people of Rahar live in a harsh, wind-swept eastern land principally centered around the Bright Bay. The Rahari are industrious traders of land and sea, and are most likely to be found traversing the Xanzilisa as merchants. They are dark olive-skinned with dark hair and eyes. As the former seat of the Sacraphate, the Rahari hold fast to ideals of culture, status and intellectual pursuits. They are often seen as pretentious by outsiders, but view themselves as urbane and civilized.


Cadash is a coastal land, rocky and dry, in the north. Its people are dark, and revered as great sailors and navigators. They ply the Avog Ocean for their livelihood and favor light, quick drying clothing and ostentatious head wraps that show off their wealth, status and personal affectations. The Cadésh are said to have never fully embraced the Sacraphate religion of the Eightfold Pantheon, and while most favor local deities and spirits of the land, outsiders believe their nation to be rife with blasphemous cults.


Rendosa is a small island nation in the Avog famous for its tropical climate. It’s people are disdained as pirates and nomads, though in truth they largely live in a democracy that values personal freedom. They are the descendants of a successful slave rebellion in a previous age. The biggest city in Rendosa is Dargos, a freeport where all races are ostensibly treated equally. A locus for outlaws, mystics and wanderers. The Rendosa are not well characterized in any one way, save that they value their own self expression and sensibilities above nearly all else.



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