2. The Trial of Champions

Rushing back to Dago Town, the party discovered the trading post in ruins with no sign of Trimark or the other two surviving guards. They entered the city and found slain giant bats, elven night maruaders and villagers. Checking out the Halfshell, the team discovered a group of survivors in the basement. Just then, a horn sounded.

Outside, Eli spied a group a hoard of goatriders, raiders who quickly descended on the town. A figh erupted around and inside the Halfshell that ended when the Goatrider Leader grabbed the Primal Artifact and started manipulating it. In a blinding white flash the heroes were transported to an underground ruin, with their attackers grotesquely fused to the walls and floors.

The party was, thankfully, fine, and made their way through the ruin which ended up being a Trial of sorts, a Primal dungeon where warriors were tested in battle and made into heroes or kings crowned in riches. Crystals produced from chalices on pedestals opened a series of gates which led to rooms where different puzzles and challenges were overcome including a Chimera, 60 skeletons, riddles and an enormous armored knight trapped under rubble. 

In the final room, the heroes met with an undead frozen monstrosity who screamed in silence and blasted the heroes with paralyzing charms and cold blasts. Once defeated, another chamber appeared: a room with a stone relief of past heroes, that magically added the party to its walls and produced four pillars that showered them in … mostly long-rotten armor and weapons. A goodly amount of gold and jewels was scavenged, as well as four magical artifacts to aide the heroes in the quests.

Beyond the treasure room, another room opened up, the ceiling of which collapsed offering a way to the surface (wherever that may be). The heroes made camp before leaving the next day.




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