The Sacraphate was the system of government that formerly united all Humans under a single nation. At the head of the system was a regent that was both king and high priest. It fell when the last Sacraphate was assassinated 300 years ago, throwing the human world into chaos, and fracturing it into the four nations that exist today: Lazá, Rendosa, Cadásh, and Rahar. About 200 years before this, 500 years before the events of this game, the Sacraphate launched a Crusade against L'Clete, seeing the Dwarves as politically fractured. To the great surprise of military leaders at the time, the Dwarves united and turned back the humans over the next 50 years or so. The Sacraphate Crusade is largely seen by historians as an inciting incident in the fall of the Sacraphate.

The Old Religion worshipped a strict pantheon of eight gods, sometimes called the Eightfold Pantheon, said to have been the last survivors of a great Heavenly War.

Pyntol – Lord of the Wind, Keeper of the Vital Estuary, the Life-Gifter

Lanalyn – Lady of the Waves, Keeper of The House of Destruction, The War-Mother

Forgg - Lord of Stone, Keeper of the Great Flame, The One Who Summons Forth

Aesar – Lord of the Sun, Keeper of the House of Light, The All-Illuminating

Oriad – Lady of the Earth, Keeper of the Great Wheel, The Blissful Dancer

Isur - Lady of the Sky, Keeper of the Great Cathedral, The One Who Makes All Equal

Af – Lord of Gyr, the Underworld. Psychopomp and Keeper of House of Souls, the Silent Courier

Phyntrix – Lady of Stars, Keeper of the Great Vessel, The Oars Drummer

Worship of the eight was highly ritualized and great temples were erected to honor the Old Gods. When the Sacraphate fell, the religious caste fell into disfavor among the warlords who emerged to wrestle control of the human lands. As such, many temples were razed, or re-purposed into new structures. Some humans kept up worship of the whole pantheon, while others took to elevating locally favored deities or eschewing the pantheon entirely. Of the many faiths that men follow today, many are remnants, retellings or revisions of Sacraphate teachings.


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