Sky (Wood)

Sky Elves hail from the Khadum Mountains and the floating islands nearby. They use megafauna bats called Glyders to move to and from the islands. They are typically smaller than other elves and olive- or bronze-colored in skin tone. Given their highly defensible position, the Sky Elves have gone several long-lived generations without tasting war. The only warriors in their society are posh dilettantes who practice martial arts for show as much as defense, and the Storm Guard, mounted Glyder warriors that patrol their borders occasionally fighting off Orcish raiders who wander too close to their mountain cities. Their society has thus become largely focused on art, culture, history and politics with little interest in other races – even Elves – who they see as physically and progressively beneath them. They speak and read Sky Elven.

Vale (High)

Vale Elves come from the Torlamine Valley, a fertile plain located between the Khadûm and Safaar Mountains. They are taller than Sky Elves, broad, and have fair skin. They famously cover themselves in rich cloth, with men and women wearing head wraps and face vales as a sign of wealth. Vale society is marked by opulence, political intrigue and philosophical thought, including natural sciences and astronomy. They are stout warriors, battling off the Gnolls to the East and the Orcs to the West. They speak and read High Elven.

Under (Dark)

Under Elves live within deep valleys and chasms, many that stretch into an interconnected underworld called Dae-Phel, the Shadow Land. Under Elves are very tall and extremely thin giving them an almost gaunt appearance. They have dark grey or black skin and have sapphire eyes. They speak and read Under Elven.


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