High in the Othrac Mountains lay the ancestral homes of the Dwarves. Their land, L'Clete, stretches from these mountains south towards Laza and south-east towards the Avog Sea and Cadash

The Dwarves are generally dour, serious people who respect craftsmanship and aesthetics, taking the two largely too serious for other races. Their cities are famous for pillared temples, grand statues and vast courtyards that show off their stonemasonry and architecture. Dwarvens prefer simply cut clothes like robes, shawls and wraps, which they intricately embroider with all manner of finery. Their sense of beauty is of sophistication through simplicity of form. Rather than the filigree and flourish of the Elves, the Dwarfs prefer bold lines executed to mathematical precision in precise ratio.

The Dwarves are philosophers, artists and warriors. On land tey fight in tightly controlled phalanx units, armed with mighty shields and good armor. They are fierce sailors, too, with pirates and privateers raiding up and down the Avog and many rivers to boot. They excel at group tactics, striking hard and fast where the enemy is weakest, overwhelming them with sustained effort rather than brute force or subterfuge. Dwarves are, if nothing else, blunt.

Dwarven caravans rarely reach the Xanzilisa, prefering to offload their goods to Halflings or Humans and let them do the work. As such, they have little if any official relationship to the Elves and an openly hostile relationship to any Orc warband foolish enough to ride far enough north to find a Dwarven column.

Politically, Dwarves have ruled themselves as small kingdoms which emerged from tribal warbands in time immemorial. Lineage and demarcation are critical matters for Dwarves, especially when it comes to mineral rights. Their political system, if any such national system can be said to exist, is a fray of political intrigue, in-fighting and double crossing. Only during times of war have the Dwarves banded together as a people, most famously during the Sacraphate Crusade 500 years ago, when the humans were soundly rebuffed.



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